It is important to open the file that is called “instructions literature” .
Please write around 2000 words and follow the instructions. There are 2 texts provided too (and you will need them).
Avoid plagiarism (this is really important).

Do not apply if you don´t think you can do it. It is a literature research paper and it must fit length, topic, and date in order to be  finished and ranked with the maximum stars.



Write an original research paper about a theme you can compare in the postcolonial novels The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and A Mercy by Toni Morrison. Pretend the aim of this paper is to be submitted for revision by an academic journal board.
A) Abstract – Write a 200-250 word abstract about your work.
B) Keywords: – Include five words representative of the text contents.
C) Paper: Contents
Introduction including your thesis. The latter should be a hooking, original statement. Avoid writing about themes that have already been extensively discussed, except that you tackle a novel perspective. Take risks!
Body exposing and developing your arguments based on your research and personal point of view. The aim is to prove your thesis.
It should logically round up the development of your work. Try to make it clear and powerful.
References – You can use either APA or MLA reference systems.
Plagiarism – Avoid any complications due to wrong/no citation of the academic sources you cite or paraphrase.
Work extension: – around 2000 words; Arial or Times New Roman 12, single space, justified.