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Lab #2: Political Analysis

Lab #2: Political Analysis



Lab Preparatory Reading:




PART ONE – Completing the Policy Analysis Worksheet


Work on the political analysis worksheet for the following issue: Addressing environmental equity in the City of Compton, CA

background readings for the issue:










Work on the motivations, beliefs, and resources?  Are there other key actors that are missing?


Actors – Who are the key actors on this issue? Motivations – Try checking the mission of the agency or organization.  For individuals, research their website or news articles. Beliefs – What are assumptions about the issue that influence motivations? Resources – What source of power, access, or finances/information do they have?
Non-Profit, Advocacy, or Interest Groups
Coalition for Clean AIr Statewide organizaiton focusing exclusively on air quality issues by encouraging policy change and adoption of new technologies, advising busineses on regulatory issues and educating decision-makers Poor air quality is bad for  public health and improved air quality is necessary to prevent climate change.


Well-connected, experienced board of directors and over $1M in donations and assets to support their mission
Western States Petroleum Organization Non-profit trade association that represents companies that account for the bulk of petroleum exploration, production, refining, transportation and marketing in the five western states of Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Support for drilling and the energy industry Substantial oil and gas industry funding to support expanded industry
Civil Liberties Union Protect individual liberties It is unjust that minority communities are baring the harshest consequences of climate change – this denies their civil liberties Large membership (more than 4 million), articulate spokesperson, can claim to speak for minority rights
Urban League Protect Minority employees Climate change disproportionately harms minority communities Can claim to speak for minority interests
Labor Council Protect workers from the disproportionate harm Global warming and it’s measurement unfairly harm local worker. Large membership, local industries influences
Communities for a Better Environment Prevent and reduce pollution that disproportionately affects  California’s low income and communities of color. People of color—African-American, Latino, Filipino—are more likely to live near the huge facilities that spew toxic and greenhouse gasses.  And it’s a fact–the lower your income, the more likely you are to live in an area with lots of local pollution. Organizing power, litigation power, can connect and collaborate with national agencies and other non profits to address environmental inequity.
California Environmental Protection Agency “To restore, protect and enhance the environment, to ensure public health, environmental quality and economic vitality Protecting the environment protects the people Develop, implement, and enforce environmental policies that regulate air, soil, and water quality
Big business owners – the owners of the oil wells and factories in Compton Maximize capital The zoning laws allow companies to build factories and oil wells here so they believe they have the right to pollute in these neighborhoods Tons of money, investors, lobbying
Climate change deniers Avoiding accountability Climate change does not exist and therefore environmental inequity is not real Backing of media outlets that support and perpetuate these views
Environmental – Environment California “to transform the power of our imaginations and our ideas into change that makes our world a greener and healthier place for all.” Instead of using our air and water as dumping grounds for our pollution and waste, we should regard them as the priceless resources that they are. ●      Lobbying Congress

●      Canvassing everyday people

●      Also collects donations to finance their campaigns

Environmental – California Environmental Voters “building the political power to solve the climate crisis, advancing justice, and creating a roadmap for global action.” ●      elect and train leaders who will fight to protect our water, land, air, and most vulnerable communities

●      Advocating for Bold Climate Policy for a Better Future


●      Lobbying on state and federal environmental bills

●      Financial contributions/donations to allow their lobbying and campaign efforts

Health Advocacy Groups – American Lung Association The more you know about the air you breathe, the more you can do to safeguard your health and improve the air quality. Research has clearly established that particle pollution and ozone are a threat to human health at every stage of life, increasing the risk of premature birth, causing or worsening lung and heart disease, and shortening lives. ●      The American Lung Association “State of the Air 2022” report ranks cities and grades counties based on ozone and particle pollution during 2018, 2019 and 2020.

○      Media connections

Opposition – Compton Chamber of Commerce (non-profit 501c) “to promote and enhance business activities in the greater Compton area” ●      Relationship with local elected officials

●      Lobbying/iniatives

Potential Opposition (could be neutral/supportive depending on their value of business environmental practices) – Better Business Bureau “to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust” (nonprofit) ●      Control of public knowledge on businesses/charities’ practices
Environmental Justice – East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ) Community-based organization that works to facilitate self-advocates in East Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles and Long Beach. ●      Empowerment, provide workshops and trainings to prepare community members to engage in the decision-making processes

●      improve directly impact their health and quality of life.

Environmental – Heal the Bay, LA2050 Dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds in Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy, and clean. We use science, education, community action, and advocacy to fulfill our mission. ●      inspire civic activism

●      develop a roadmap for the future of the Los Angeles region

●      LA2050 was launched in 2011 by the Goldhirsh Foundation

●      make investments of financial capital via the LA2050 Grants Challenge

Unelected Officials
Social Services ”Enrich Lives through effective and caring service” Strives to achieve equitable solutions and livelihoods for those living in LA County. CPS has assisted in taking at risk  children out homes in close proximity to hazards both environmental and physical Not as well funded when compared to other actors.
Department of Public Health ”Advance the conditions that support optimal health and well-being for all”
L.A. Director of Department of Public Health (Dr. Barbara Ferrer) Advancing health equity, promoting community health, uplifting health and wellness, reducing health disparities Pollution by firms negatively impact citizens’ health and wellness, so public health initiatives likely seek to reduce pollution Public health & environmental research, state funding, public health regulations
City Attorney Minimize the City of Compton’s general liability; enforce laws and policies, advise the city council. Funded to the capacity LA County allocated to each city.
Office of Education (LAUSD) Help Students reach their full potential and meet their needs “through appropriate” technical solutions for our students and their families, and the community. Help and meet students’ needs while succeeding academically with the end goal of career readiness and attending college.

Strive for equality and equity in Los Angeles county.


Not as highly funded when compared to other actors
EPA (local) ”Partner with community leaders to identify pollution sources, “ground-truth” agency data sources, and develop plans for immediate action” Have outlined a plan to achieve environmental equity but have fallen short of achieving the goal. Have over 1 billion dollars in funding by US government to be allocated among cities.
LA Port Authority
Residents of Compton Better living standards in terms of air quality and lower pollution Realization that Compton has a high degree of air pollution, poor air quality resulting from heavy industries in close proximity -Voting rights

-Rights of protests and organization


Industry employees Better working conditions in terms of fume inhalation and protection from toxic/hazardous fumes like PPE/masks Awareness that they are more exposed to the plants’ pollutions and more susceptible to the damaging effects of inhaling toxic fumes Union and other employment options

Complaints to Inspector General/govt. official

Bureaucrats in environmental agencies Implementation of programs and policies that account for the environment Not exactly motivated as their activities revolve mostly around conducting day to day office tasks -Easier and closer access to govt officials in environmental agencies

-Knowledge regarding environmental policy implementation

Labor unions Proper compensation for workers given the work environment is less than ideal Minimizing exposure to toxic fume from plants &  ensuring proper wage and doing their duty Organize strikes
Elected Officials
Mayor: Emma Sharif She has stated interest and shared media that support taking action to address climate change. She has also coordinated a Compton Earth Day Cleanup. However, climate change was not a cornerstone of her platform, so it seems that she may not consider this as immediate an issue compared to homelessness, safety, affordability, and clean streets. The mayor is a registered democrat and has been a member of progressive democratic clubs in the past. This background seems to indicate that she would be more open to taking climate action. According to the city charter, the mayor has the ability to vote on issues and call special meetings, but beyond that, does not seem to have much additional power to pass legislation. Also, they would be limited in their jurisdiction by the county, state, and federal governments.
District 1: Deidre Duhart “Her vision for the city is to see Compton thriving again, by creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that offers a robust shopping center/mall, livable wages, job opportunities to its residents, affordable housing, and a variety of recreation and leisure activities with continued economic growth” (City of Compton website). As an appointed member of the city council by the Mayor of Compton, it can be assumed that her political leanings are similar to the Mayor’s. As a member of the Democratic Party it can be assumed that she has some realization of climate change and would be open to taking climate action. Legislative power to pass local ordinance and codes.
District 2: Andre Spicer He plans to “provide basic services to the community” including tree trimming, cleaning and paving streets and graffiti removal but he is also fully committed to changing the public’s perception of what the City of Compton is. Spicer has developed a strong bond with his community through the years. He is a well-rounded activist with great passion for health and wellness. In early July, he teamed up with the Compton Run Club to host the District 2 Run/Walk event where running enthusiasts jogged through the district to “identify sore spots” and to talk about solutions.Spicer is a change-maker who is putting Compton on the news and on the map not for the crime, not for the gangs, not for the sex-trafficking, not for the pollution, but for its diverse community ready for change.


Collaborate with local organizations to  hold Resource Hub workshop to provide expungement resources, 2nd chance job opportunities, and Covid-19 testing
District 3: Jonathan Bowers











PART TWO – Utilizing the Policy Analysis Worksheet


Based on what I have done for Part 1, answer the questions for part 2


Answer the following questions below.  Use Part One to help you get started.


  • Identify who the 5 most important actors concerning this issue are. Explain why you selected each as one of the most important actors.


  • Identify possible challenges that exist after assessing the motivations, resources, and beliefs of the 5 actors identified above.


  • Identify possible opportunities that exist after assessing the motivations, resources, and beliefs of the 5 actors identified above.

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