Posted: September 15th, 2022

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For this forum I would like for you to select a television show from the internet (,,,, or any free tv streaming network) and asses the nonverbal communication. Please make sure that when you select your show it won’t expire within the next 10 days. Watch the episode and take notes on non-verbals.

Please give an example of 6 of the following you found while watching your chosen episode. Make sure to discuss Relationship-Level Meaning for three of your answers:

Physical Appearance
Environmental Factors

Be aware that you will need to be detailed/specific about examples, and they should be written so that any reader can understand the situation involving the example, even if the reader hasn’t watched the episode you selected.

Remember perfect scores on forums involve addressing all of the parts of the forum as well as going above and beyond. Don’t be afraid to provide other links or resources to better the rationale for your answers.


Television Show – Suits – Play the Man

Proxemics: The use of space to set up non verbal boundaries both physically and psychologically.

Suits is a television show based around a law office. The law office has several floors and several different employees working within it. The interns (like Mike) are all clustered in one area with each individuals area divided by a half wall cubicle. The partners on the other hand (like Harvey) all have their own spacious offices. Though both the cubicle walls and the glass walls in the partners offices suggest transparency within the company the separation and amount of space suggest the divide in organizational hierarchy.

This is an example of power in relationship-level meaning, power is defined by (example of going above and beyond) as “a person or thing that possesses or exercises authority or influence.” The designation of the office space being divided by actual offices for the partners versus cubicles for the interns shows that difference in power within the organization. Furthermore, the University of Louisville website has this advice to give managers that are using proxemics to create a culture within the organization, to create a friendly democratic atmosphere, “speak with an employee side by side instead of from behind a desk” (

Number your answers and be sure to tell us which TV show you are analyzing and provide a link to it.

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