(Marketing Strategy Consultation)
Imagine that you are a marketing manager, and you have a mission to map out marketing
strategies for a company. As a marketing manager, you will write a consultation report. The
purpose of this project is for you to demonstrate your understanding of marketing concepts by
describing marketing decisions of a particular company.
The paper will consist of analyzing a company with respect to their marketing strategy as it relates
to what you have learned in class (e.g., SWOT analysis, 4Ps, etc). Your paper should cover the

1. What is the company’s history or background?
2. What is the company’s current strategy?
3. Is this an effective strategy?
4. What other strategies could they use?
You are allowed to pick any company, but in selecting a suitable company you should consider
your ability to answer the above questions. Your consultation analysis should be insightful and
constructive. Your grade will be based on content (how well you address the four questions),
coherence, empirical contribution, and readability. The consultation report should be,

standard format –Times New Roman, Double-Spaced, 12 ft, 1-Inch Margins, MS-Word
File or PDF.