Posted: September 13th, 2022

Describe how being a member of that group fulfilled at least two of your individual functions

Think of a group you have been a part of. Describe how being a member of that group fulfilled at least two of your individual functions as outlined in Table 8.1. Be specific and use examples for each.


Need Initial post and two replies about 150-175 words each


Table 8.1 from our table breaks this down into three categories: task dependency, accountability, and time together. I love to backpack, and years ago I was part of a group that went backpacking regularly together. This was a great example of a “group” as defined in our book. Each participant had sole accountability for their gear and provisions. Success was a function of their own doing; however, everyone had to prepare to participate with the group. Time together was unspecified. You either chose to participate or didn’t. There were no contracts or time obligations just a simple acknowledgment you’d be making the event for safety reasons. With regards to task dependency, it was up to the participant – ensuring one had a tent, ensuring emergency contacts were in place, etc. All of these were needed to be in the group, but each was the requirement of the induvial.


There is a plethora of groups that I have been a part of but, the most unforgettable group is the visual merchandising group (VMG) at Things Remembered. This group was put together by the regional manager and was corelated with the six top best performance managers. This task was challenging because everyone had to come up with an innovative idea and then group the ideas into the organization standards. Once the group outlined the visual, it had to be approved by the company’s chairpersons, processed, and distributed to over nine hundred stores. The visual merchandising group was a success. The two induvial functions that was fulfilled was creativity and turnover. The visual merchandising group came up with creativity ideas that met the company standards. For example, the Christmas visuals included the organization’s charitable organization, Make A Wish. The third-party vendor created ornaments and snow globes in reverence to Make a Wish foundation. The posters in the visual included kids in make a wish and a portion of the sale went to the make a wish foundation. In addition, the turnover in sales was incredible. The entire organization increased sales astronomically. The visual merchandising group was a strategic analysis group that promoted creativity and an increase turnover annually.


Kinicki, Angelo. Organizational Behavior; A Practical, problem-Solving Approach.Arizona State University, Kent State University. 2016 and 2018.Book third edition. Page 299







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