Posted: September 12th, 2022

PowerPoint presentations

ead this lesson’s chapters in the textbook and review the PowerPoint presentations to prepare for this assignment.

You have been asked to develop an educational program on a “topic of interest” at an assisted living facility. There will be a group of 15 older adults. Your program will last approximately 30 minutes with 20 minutes for questions and answers at the end. You have created educational programs before, and one of your peers has asked how you “go about” putting a program together. You have decided to map out the steps that must be considered in the development of a teaching program in the form of a PowerPoint or a flyer.

For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation OR a flyer answering these questions:

Identify your topic of interest and teaching strategy approach.
Describe your audience and your setting
List specific training considerations that you must include in your teaching plan
Outline your presentation with objectives, include health promotion in your outline (this is where you will use the topic of interest).
Anticipate typical problems, and list possible solutions that you foresee
Identify common risk factors in the older adult
Please note you are not actually researching a “topic of interest”, but rather submitting your PLAN for how you would prepare for a presentation. Think of the flyer or PowerPoint as being presented to your teaching peers to help them understand how to plan a presentation.
Assignment will be graded according to the Presentation Rubric.

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