Posted: September 12th, 2022

Loteria:A Novel

The second analysis essay must employ secondary sources and be on a novel of your choice. The novel should be at least 150 pages long. Students must have to get your author and novel approved by Module 3. You will need at least three sources for this paper and must provide me copies of your sources. Secondary sources include application of a specific literary theory, discussion of social, historical, psychological or philosophical elements or a comparison of the primary text with another work of literature. You may focus of any of these elements: character, symbolism or theme. Find support for your thesis from both the novel and your sources. It will be 6-8 typed pages (including the works cited page) and will include at least 3 secondary sources and the novel itself. The research paper will also need to be submitted to Safe Assign via Blackboard for a plagiarism report.

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