Posted: September 12th, 2022

Competitor Website Analysis

W3: Exercise 3/ Competitor Website Analysis Developing a thorough understanding of your online competitor’s website is key to determining features that could give you a competitive advantage. In this exercise, we will analyze our top three competitors and create a scorecard. You get to determine who they are. Instructions: 1. Download the attached Competitor Analysis Scorecard 2. Using this scorecard, analyze your top three competitors. 3. Using the space provided on the bottom of the scorecard, write a one page summary of your conclusions and what you learned from your analysis, and how you might take advantage of a competitor’s weakness, i.e. better design, community features, content, etc. Note: The attached scorecard is simply a template. Please feel free to add other criteria that you feel is important to evaluate. Here’s a website to help you get started:

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