Posted: September 9th, 2022

Advancing Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy

Choose and justify the use of a reflective model, and reflect on how a group activity is ran.

To do this, your reflective assignment considers the lived experience of running the group within the class, allocated topic and its potential application in Occupational Therapy practice.

A critical analysis of the experiential learning event related to the attached protocol should be presented, which may include exploration of all or any of headings below;
•    Groupwork in Occupational Therapy
•    Therapeutic factors within groups
•    Group process and stages of a group (consider your current knowledge and analysis of the needs in the group and undertake an analysis of the stages and process that illuminates an aspect of this theory)
•    Task focused group work (consider your underlying theoretical approach to designing and running a group)
•    Role of activities in experiential learning (describe your approach to identifying tasks within your group session)
•    Group facilitator skills and co-facilitation (a reflexive account of your learning from leading the group)
•    Consider the relevance of your intervention for an identified population and propose potential areas for further development of the protocol including how it might be adapted to meet alternative population needs.



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