Final Project Instructions


The final project report should be about 5-6 pages long, double spaced with font size of 12 Times New Roman. The report should be submitted as a Word document.


The following are the suggested steps for the final project.


Identify a company and a brand for your final project: the project should be based on a company and a specific product/brand that the company owns. You will need to select a company and one of its specific product/brands. An example would be: P&G (a company) and Tide (a brand of P&G). You can choose any company and any brand that interest you.


Search information regarding the company and its product/brand selected: the project report will be based on the information search and information analysis. The information should be categorized into two types: 1) general information regarding the company and the specific brand/product chosen (including company size, revenue and product lines the company owns; and the brand’s general information, such as revenue and market share etc. if applicable), and 2) specific information regarding the brand/product’s target market, positioning, and its marketing strategies (marketing mix-4Ps).


Organize, filter, and analyze the information collected: after the information search, you need to identify some valuable information from your search result. Some information may not be given directly from your search result. Therefore, you need to analyze and convert that into the related marketing terms.


Write up your project report: the following is the outline you should follow for your final project write-up.


The final project report needs to include two main parts:

  • A thorough information report about the company and the specific product you have

chosen, including the company size, revenue, and all the brands or product lines the

company may have etc. (0.5-1 page)


  • A specific report about the brand or product that you have selected, focusing on the

following elements:

  • Target market: the specific consumer groups the brand wants to target (0.5-1 page)
  • Positioning of the specific brand/product (0.5-1 page)
  • The marketing strategy (marketing mix) of this specific brand/product (i.e. The Four Ps) (2.5-3 pages)