Posted: September 5th, 2022

Intuitive Eating Podcast Assignment

Intuitive Eating Podcast Assignment




  1. Review the 10 steps of Intuitive Eating (IE):


  • Listen to the podcast Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris, Episode #220: “The Anti-Diet with Evelyn Tribole”
    • Award-winning registered dietitian Evelyn Tribole inspires people to rethink their relationship with food and enjoy eating. In today’s diet culture, people have stopped trusting their bodies and are ignoring its In this episode, Evelyn explains the ten principles detailed in her book, “Intuitive Eating,” about rejecting the diet mentality and making peace with all food.
    • This podcast can be found online at: 28888874/episode/220-the-anti-diet-evelyn-tribole-54950560/
    • You may also choose to listen directly from your mobile/tablet device by searching for the podcast “Ten

Percent Happier with Dan Harris” in your Apple Podcast app or equivalent app on your android device, and

search for episode #220.

  • The podcast is 1 hour and 38 mins in duration. The first 16 minutes and 30 seconds of the podcast include an elaborate discussion on meditation, and the last 8 minutes are devoted to listener Q&A’s. If these are topics that interest you, feel free to listen from beginning-to-end. Otherwise, you have the option to begin at 16 minutes 30 seconds and end the podcast at 1 hour and 30
  • If you are interested in an update on Dan’s Intuitive Eating journey, listen to the first two minutes of this recent release from December 2020: dan-harris/id1087147821?i=1000503292236


10 Principals of Intuitive Eating


1. Reject the diet mentality 6. Discover the satisfaction factor
2. Honor your hunger 7. Honor your feelings without using food
3. Make peace with food 8. Respect your body
4. Challenge the food police 9. Movement – feel the difference
5. Respect your fullness 10. Honor your health – gentle nutrition


  • After listening to the podcast please answer the following 12 questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. Please note that short and incomplete responses will not receive full credit. Text boxes will expand to allow for your complete answer.


  1. Share your opinion and key takeaways from the podcast. Did the overall message resonate with you? Why or why not? [3 points]


  1. Now that you have a greater understanding of Intuitive Eating, using the scale (1-10) below rate how often you would describe yourself as an intuitive eater? [1 point]


1 – Never                                                   5 – Sometimes                                                10 – Always



  1. In the podcast Ms. Tribole describes a term Interoceptive Awareness? How does it relate to Intuitive Eating? [3 points]


  1. During their discussion Ms. Tribole asks the host Mr. Harris to answer the following question, “Where does your mind go when eating?”. Please answer this question as it relates to your typical eating experience. [1 point]


  1. Reflecting on your answer in #4, are there any changes you would like to work towards in your eating experiences? Yes             No


If you answered yes, please describe specific changes you want incorporate when eating. If you answered no, please explain why you do not want to make changes. [3 points]



  1. Based on your learning from the podcast, why is it essential for someone working towards Intuitive Eating to reject the diet mentality? [3 points]



  1. Discuss two ways in which Ms. Tribole describes how dieting or rigid food rules can affect interpersonal [2 points]



  1. According to Ms. Tribole, what is the most consistent predictor of weight gain? [1 point]



  1. Describe and reflect on this paraphrased comment made by Tribole, “food is often preached in terms

of self-identity – it becomes akin to religious beliefs”. [3 points]



  1. In the podcast Ms. Tribole discusses research related to habituation. Discuss how habituation relates to food/eating, and how one can utilize this knowledge while seeking a lifestyle and eating pattern inclusive of all foods. [4 points]



  1. Gentle Nutrition is the last principle of Intuitive Eating. Can you discuss why it is important to end with this principle, rather than to begin with it? [4 points]



  1. Some people unfamiliar with Intuitive Eating mistake it as the “eat anything you want diet”. After listening

to the podcast, how would you respond to someone who says this? [3 points]




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