Posted: September 3rd, 2022

personal essay

I have  a draft for a college app essay.
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Photography: something many love so few partake in. Photography found me from the moment my memory was able to form; with my first picture taken moments from when I was born, and by my grandfather who would later influence me to expand into this hobby. Photography first taught me the trait of love and appreciation for family; both for newborns and my ancestors that have passed. This has allowed me to be closer with many family members, but also love myself. I look at some pictures, and it immediately brings back joy and excitement as though I am repeating the moment again, such as getting my black belt in Tae Kwan Do, or seeing that Elephant charge at our Safari vehicle because it felt threatened. As I delve more into Photography, not only has it taught me patience, but my love for nature, math and sports has increased. I love to capture the moment when my sister is about to score a goal at LaCrosse, because you can see the focus and concentration in her eyes. Photography has taught me the importance of paying attention to the finer details.  By allowing me to expand on things I love, it allowed me to be more creative in the things I did, including school and business opportunities.

My love of photography led me to into something I never imagined. I had been working at my dads private medical office for about 6 months, when he noticed my skills. He asked me to take clinical pictures of his patients for wound management. This helped him enhance the assessment of his patients and come up with better management and treatment solutions. Within 3 months, we noticed that he was providing better quality of care and patient admissions to the hospital had decreased because they were healthier. The medical practice grew because of all the success in healing the patients. I was awestruck at the fact that my love of photography was having such a positive influence on people around me.

Photography naturally taught me patience and Independence. The “golden hour”, or the “magic hour”, is the period just before sunset and after sunrise. I would have to wait for hours at a time for the perfect sunlight or for the subject to make a perfect motion before I could capture the best shot. There are a lot of variables This patience has helped me tremendously in my study habits.

On my last safari visit, we were out in search of the elusive cheetah. Along the way, we had to noticed about 5 Military/police vehicles. And as we approached, we noticed there were about 20 Bloodhound puppies in the vehicle along with the authorities. The ranger informed us that poaching of elephants and rhino is still a big problem in the Serengeti. They were training these bloodhounds to follow the scent of the poachers, and the rangers would follow behind them. I took out my Drone and asked permission to fly it over the hounds. The ranger was shocked at the detail that he was able to see on the screen. Currently, the only way they get aerial shots is if they go up on a plane, and they only had ONE plane and limited pilots. So the rest of the day, I spent with the rangers and they were ecstatic at how much territory can be covered with the drone. 3 days later, the head ranger came to our tent and told me that this was going to save his community, and the drone was the biggest asset to their fight against poaching.

I am excited to continue to pursue my passion of Photography, and have been surprised at the positive influence it has had on people around me.



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