Go to the website for the non-profit hospital that serves your chosen community and read the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). Faculty will assist you if needed. Most CHNAs are on the hospital’s website. For large health systems, you may need to search on the health system website.


Critique the Community Health Needs Assessment. Submit your critique in a formal paper using the guidelines below. Use subheadings based on the 10 criteria below. (My approved community/facility is Nashville, TN- Vanderbilt University Medical Center)


Which hospital system conducted the CHNA and in what year?
What is the geographic community described by the CHNA?
What data in the CHNA surprised you? Why?
Discuss the positive and negative factors in the CHNA that affect population/community health
What health priorities or needs were identified? Provide a brief description of each priority/need.
Do you agree with the identified health priorities/needs? Why or why not?
Select one of the health priorities/needs that you want to further explore.
Research and select one scholarly journal article that adds further understanding of the selected health priority/need. Include information from the article in your paper.
Who would you ask to serve on a coalition to develop solutions and recommendations on the selected health priority/need?
Conclude your paper with a general summary of what you learned from the assignment

Paper should be 4-5 pages in length; excluding the title and reference pages. Subheadings must be used. An abstract is not required. The paper must be written using the American Psychological Association (APA), 7th edition guidelines, including a title page and reference list. Be sure to give in-text citations for all references used.

CHNA Website: