Posted: September 2nd, 2022

Introduction and Objectives to Preserve environment

The project’s goal is to raise awareness of the value of the environment. Participants in this project will learn more about protecting nature and realise that it is their duty to do so. They will also learn how to keep the environment clean and attractive. Additionally, this event is an excellent opportunity to spread knowledge to both participants and non-participants in addition to informing them of ways to safeguard the environment. Through this effort, we hope to inspire the next generation to create a peaceful and sustainable future. We hope that this initiative will enable us to educate others about the value of environmental preservation and inspire all generations to work together to preserve a healthy environment for future generations.
Additionally, this initiative assists the participants in developing their capacity for patience, teamwork, and leadership. Additionally, while participating in this research, individuals will have the opportunity to develop their capacity for independent thought. Additionally, kids can employ these beneficial talents in the future to help them solve problems swiftly and with patience.

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