Posted: August 31st, 2022


National Association for the Education of Young Children. (2012). NAEYC for Families. Quality Child Care Matters NAEYC Accredited Programs The Right Choice for Kids. Available from
After reading Chapter 7, explore the NAEYC family web site. On the right side you will Find links to “Quality Child Care Matters NAEYC Accredited Programs Right Choice for Kids.”
Explore the links – “What to Look for in a Program” (­‐to-­‐look-­‐for-­‐in-­‐a-­‐program ) and “Signs of Quality” (
This information is intended for families concerned with the quality of child care. The 3rd link “Search for an Accredited Program” helps locate accredited programs and you may find it interesting to research communities where you might work someday.  Using the information provided on these pages, prepare a list of factors families need to look for when they want to select a quality early childhood education program. Then share your list with your classmates, as well as ideas on how to share this information with families.

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