This individual assessment task requires students to prepare a Media Relations Plan for an Australian not-for-profit organization of their choice. The plan, written for the Board of Directors / CEO of the not-for-profit organization, must convince management that students can design an impactful and effective media relations campaign.


Recommended approach to this task:

  • Research Australian not-for-profit organizations – I choose Deaf Dog Rescue Australia LTD. as the organization.

Here is the Link:


  • Through the process of secondary research, identify the organizational goals and business objectives.
  • Identify the issues (past, present, and future) your organization has faced or might potentially face. For instance, the database Factiva can be used to locate news stories on a particular organization and is a great source of independent information. Likewise, Annual Reports are an excellent source of information on a corporation’s values, operations, and finances. Primary research isnot
  • Choose an issue to address.
  • Imagine you are the Media Relations Manager of your chosen organization. Following the standard template supplied, write a media relations plan based on the findings of your research that identifies and strategically aligns with the organizations’ business plan and strategic communications objectives.
  • Please note: this plan is intended for an executive audience, so it needs to follow the expected format and clearly and succinctly articulate the issue the organization is addressing, what your key messages are, and what your strategic approach will be.

Media Relations Plan – Template

Your media relations plan should follow the below template.

  1. Overview – introduction to your NFP and the communications ‘issue’
  2. Media relations objectives
  3. Key messages
  4. Target audience
  5. Media materials required (earned media only)
  6. Media strategy
  7. Methods of evaluation

N.B. Your media strategy should be divided into phases. In each phase you should consider the date, angle, materials to be disseminated (e.g. pitch to a journalist/media release), spokespeople to be offered, and example media targets.

An example will be provided but you must not replicate this. Each organization will be facing unique issues, and you are expected to come up with a creative and original plan that is tailored to your client’s needs. You must not choose the organization used in the example. Plagiarism detection software will be used.