Posted: August 25th, 2022

Child guidance

The Assignment
According to the text, pgs: 52-53, praise is an intangible form of reinforcement that can be used ineffectively. Also, there is information on how to use praise ethically and effectively. Click on the link provided:  Accessibility score: High Click to improve  Five Reasons to Stop Saying.docx Five Reasons to Stop Saying.docx – Alternative Formats  Click for more options
Read what Alfie Kohn has to say about praise in his article: “Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job”. After reading the article discuss your ideas with your classmates by focusing on the 3 following questions:
Do you agree with Kohn’s ideas on praise?
Should teachers use praise in the classroom? How should it be used to be effective?
Think of a time when you used praise with a child. Judge whether the praise was necessary. Decide whether the praise was effectively stated.
Grading Criteria:See attached rubric for grading criteria
Accessibility score: Medium Click to improve  146 Discussion Board Rubric 2.docx 146 Discussion Board Rubric 2.docx – Alternative Formats  Click for more options
Textbook and attached article

After answer the question reply to two other ppl respond you agree or disagree and why

First person: I agree with most Kohn’s ideas about praising kids. I too feel like a child may lose interest of what they are doing if they are only doing it for praises. I also agree that children may start to rely on us for praises and our acceptance. I like the idea of asking the child what they like most about their work instead of teachers saying what they like. I feel that teachers should praise kids in the classroom. I feel that reward charts or a point system is a good way to praise for older kids. Instead of saying good job about every little thing they do the teacher can give point for things they do without having to constantly remind the child. For smaller kids I feel that you can say things like “wow, you put your toy away”. To me saying wow is not a praise but showing expression. This way a toddler understands that they are doing something good. I give praises to my toddlers by saying something like “You did it” after they accomplish something they’ve been trying to. I feel that it is effective because it puts a smile of their face, and they usually clap.

Second person:

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