Leia Yeiter

Diversity of Life




  1. Discussion A – Basic Animal Traits & Evolutionary Trends

For this forum, discuss the very basics of animals, along with the evolutionary adaptations that have allowed them to flourish.  What are animals fundamentally?  How are animals different from other life forms?  Think about animals as a group, not just mammals! (Include source link underneath each response!)

  1. Discussion B – Invertebrate Animals

This forum is for all discussions of Invertebrates only .  These organisms comprise 99% of all animals, so there are many things to talk about in this forum! Keep in mind, Invertebrates are not a group of closely related animals, but instead comprise many different evolutionary lineages. Remember to add something that hasn’t been touched on already – when in doubt, pick an obscure group of invertebrates and describe it. (Include source link underneath each response!)

  1. Discussion C – Vertebrates

This forum is for discussions of Vertebrates in general = Chordates, animals that DO have a dorsal vertebral column (in us, it’s called a “back bone”!)  (Include source link underneath each response!)

  1. Discussion D – Fish – Aquatic Vertebrates

This discussion forum is reserved for postings about FISH!  YES, Fish!  We live on the west coast of Florida, so I’m sure you have some kind of fish story!  Fish have many interesting adaptations to life in water including gills, a swim bladder, etc….also, there are so many interesting types of fish.  Post your information about fish (especially local fish) here. (Include source link underneath each response!)