Posted: August 18th, 2022

Understanding the Learner, and The Academic Performance of Students

Nurse Educator’s Role in Student Evaluation

Significant physical, emotional, social, and financial investments are required to attend nursing school.  Failure is demoralizing for both students and educators. It is important that educators recognize the legal and ethical issues surrounding the evaluation of student performance. Read Chapter 3 in Teaching in Nursing and use it as a reference for this discussion. In addition, find an article on student academic performance.  Share a brief summary of the article.

Initial post: In your initial post, please address the following:

What is the nurse educator’s responsibility in assisting the student who is is struggling academically or clinically?
How can the educator adhere to ethical and legal standards of evaluation and assure students receive due process?
In your career as a nursing student, what did you most value from your teachers with respect to feedback and evaluation?

*Will upload the chapter once assigned to writer

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