Posted: August 18th, 2022

Storage and Use of Medicines Outcome 2


I will attach my assignment details as to what is expected from the writer. It includes answer following set of questions and a reflective account. It also asks to describe the current team I work in in order to answer that I am training to be a student pharmacy technician and I am based part time in primary care (pharmacy) and part time (community pharmacy). In primary care I help with medicines reconciliation (processing immediate discharge letters) i help with cost savings by completing piigs and pigglets and I help with switching patients to a serial prescription in community pharmacy I help dispense/label prescriptions, putting away orders, serving customers & giving advice etc. Not sure if they above will be useful to the writer but just to explain my current training I am doing as pharmacy technician. For the final part of answering questions I have attached the labels my lecturer had emailed me in order to complete that task and a checklist to help answer please refer to these both for the very final part. This assignment must be plagiarism free, I have attached the materials which the writer will need to complete this task and I will attach a workbook to help answer some of the questions in the task. The writer will also need to use a BNF to answer some questions either a paper copy version or online version.

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