Please see attached brief detailing the rubric and additional information.

With regards to references, mainly academic as well as recent references are preferable.

The organisation I would like to cover is Cisco Systems.

Below is a format on how I would like it to be written. And the analysis tools that I would to be used are also below, you can include as many of these if you want scenario planning being the most important.

Identify the organisational foresight methods (and tools) that are applicable to an organisation.

Some foresight methods covered in the module are Scenario Planning, Trend Analysis, Delphi Method, Technological Forecasting, Backcasting, and Roadmapping.

Use the methods to Critically analyse the technological development in an organisation and its industry.

Based on your analyses, Evaluate the impact of digital business and new technologies on your organisation. (use specific examples of digital business and new technologies).

Include your considerations of the extent to which your organisation may embrace digital business and new technologies to enhance performance.

Trend analysis
Horizon scanning
Scenario planning
Futures research
Technology and productivity road-mapping
Decision making