HELLO DEAR we worked together before many times, you are really nice, so I chose you again and i hope you do your best in this task, I need abstract ,introduction , literature review for this paper, DEFENTIONS FOR the variables of this study and limitation of study
we divided this paper into two models to measure the financial development( banking sector which is represented by the Private Credit to GDP ratio PCGDP which was used as a proxy for financial development in the banking sector and the explanatory variables were the corruption perception index CORP, financial freedom FF, Political Stability PS, and trade openness TO. On the other hand, another Panel EGLS ( Cross Section Random Effects Model) was employed through which the dependent variable utilized became the Stock Market Capitalization ratio SMC which was used as a proxy for financial development in the stock market against the same previously mentioned explanatory variables.

Introudction: ( 400- 450 words)
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem Statement
1.3 Aims and Objectives
1.4 Significance of Study
1.5 Rationale for Choosing the MENA Region
Literature Review ( must cover the previous studies related to the same idea begin globally then locally. pls: support the required by graphs and tables as possible as you can
finally definition of variables and limitation of study
plz: the abstract for research in the beginning around 150 words.
note: attachments include the results of two models of this paper.
thank you in advance