Posted: August 18th, 2022

Health Promotion in Pharmacy Assessment Task 3


Hi could the writer design and plan a health promotion activity including a poster and basic leaflet on cigarette smoking and answer the following set of questions which I will attach. Could he/she answer some of the questions as if based in a community pharmacy setting and what roles either a dispenser, technician or pharmacist may have when implementing the health promotion activity on cigarette smoking, For question 8 it asks to set up a 4 week action plan could he just make something up like have a discussion with a pharmacist or patient have a chat with other pharmacy professionals etc. I will also attach a work book which may help the writer with planning or researching and there is information in the workbook about smoking cessation service. The poster could be one page and the leaflet the writer can decide. The questions also need answered and can be answered on the word document attached with the task. Could the writer include a bibliography after answering the questions and include at least 5 sources of information, Hope this makes sense. Also could this be plagiarism free and include some photos for the poster and leaflet. When sending back the completed task could the writer do 3 different attachments one for the poster one for the leaflet and the other for the answered questions many thanks. I also attached task 2 which the writer previously completed in my last order if he/she requires some information for the poster and leaflet for reference.

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