Posted: August 18th, 2022

Delivering High Quality Safe Nursing Care in Mental Health Nursing


Please read and follow the assignment brief carefully,
All the learning out has to be met, This assignment needs wider research, I have uploaded other documents containing further readings for this assignment.

Aim: This assessment will allow you to demonstrate your clinical and theoretical knowledge in reviewing an episode of nursing care.

UK Writer: and all terms and wordings should be Nursing Terms no colloquia.

Assignment learning outcomes.

1. Critically reflect on your own impact on the delivery of safe, high-quality care for people experiencing mental health problems and their carers, dependants or significant others.

2. Critically appraise a range of risk assessment strategies to enable the formulation of appropriate evidence-based, person-centred holistic nursing care plans across a range of care settings.

3. Critically appraise the underpinning theory and research based evidence used to in the delivery of complex, holistic person-centred care to meet complex health and social needs.

4. Debate factors which influence the provision of safe, evidence informed and high quality care in a range of mental health care settings.

You will write a 3000 word essay that must show your understanding of the four module learning outcomes above.
This assignment will challenge you to evaluate an episode of care that you have been involved with where you felt uncertain about the best approach or what to do or say next, where you were unsure if the right thing was done, where the person posed a risk to themselves or others or was at risk of being harmed themselves.

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