Posted: August 18th, 2022

Caring older adults with care, dignity and respect


The Royal Commission into Aged Care (2021) published the Final Report: Care, Dignity and Respect.
“At its heart our inquiry has revealed that people receiving aged care want to be treated with care, dignity and respect.” (Aged Care Royal Commission (2021) Final Report: Care, dignity, and respect, 2021, p31)
Essay Topic is … Using the context provided in the statement above, critically analyse your role as a registered nurse in ensuring older adults in your care are treated with care, dignity, and respect and in turn promote healthy ageing.
You should consider the following when addressing the topic
* Define what it means for a nurse to care, to treat an older person with dignity
and to show respect.
* How does person centred care, dignity and respect underpin healthy
* How will the nurse demonstrate care, dignity and respect for older people
when providing care? Examples of evidence based nursing interactions are
essential(see the rubric criteria)
* Support your discussion with evidence. See rubric criteria.

I have attached the assessment details and marking criteria. Please stick to it. And use third person writing for the essay. Use the intext citations. Also, please add doi /retrieved link for the references.

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