1 eBook located in the Brenau Trustee Library collection (library.brenau.edu)
1 peer-reviewed journal article located in the Brenau Trustee Library collection (library.brenau.edu)
1 appropriate website located using a “Smart Google search” – websites with .edu and .gov – .com or .org sites are NOT allowed unless you ger permission from me ahead of time. If you use .com or .org you will lose valuable points.
1 other appropriate book, peer-reviewed journal article, or website
Craft a research paper that uses your critical thinking skills and is supported by your information sources to explore your topic and answer the research/thesis statement. APA style writing is fairly rigid. Your writing must be unemotional and as unbiased as possible. In-text citation and reference citations must follow APA 7 format (if you need help, please refer to the APA 7 libguide https://libguides.brenau.edu/APA7 (Links to an external site.)). Writing and citing in APA style is one of the central components of the grade for this assignment. Failure to follow APA format will harm your grade.