Part 1 – Entertainment Critic
-evaluate the film as a critic and determine what the film is trying to say
-discuss both narrative and literary concepts
-discucc the cionmnon character archetypes represented in the film. pick an analysis approach ( formalist, dualist, generic)
Part 2 – Business Lens
-analyze business concepts in the film
-write about the 4 themes in the film ( management, leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurship)
– identify ethical dilemmas
– justify decisions made by the protagonist
Part 3 – Conclusion
-explain how your review differed between part 1 and part 2.
– consider business success and failures portrayed in the film.
– what are soen of the key takeaways that can be used in a business or career?

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The Film Analyses final paper (bold double spaced)
Tara Bejaran (nothing else is bold on this page)
The University of Arizona Global Campus
BUS225: Business in Film
Instructor Naimah Abdelwahab
July 19, 2022