Posted: August 16th, 2022

Digital Ethnography project on v-log(s)

DescriptionFor this project, you are expected to observe a digital field site for *at least* 6 hours. As a part of these observations, you are expected to write jottings/scratch notes from your observations in the field site and convert those jottings into expanded field notes relatively immediately after observation.

The final submission contains three parts:

A 1-page (double-spaced) description of why you chose your field site: what about it or its members seemed interesting or relevant to you and did you expect it to deliver insight into a particular sociological concept?
Coded field notes from 6 hours of observation (or at least 3 visits to the field)
A 5-page (double-spaced) memo describing your experience “in the field,” the process of interpreting ethnographic evidence in this case, and the “codes” (i.e., the concepts, phrases, and words) you created to understand and identify themes in your field notes when it comes to members’ meanings (see the EFS text for a discussion of members’ meanings).

For the vlogs, I thought of doing on Lilly Singh vlogs  or you can do on some other vlogger on other platform.

I’ve added files from the course readings on digital ethnography.

Feel free to ask questions.

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