Posted: August 6th, 2022

the sun also rises

Your final paper will be an 8 to 12 page research paper that touches upon some aspect of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. I will suggest several ideas for your paper, although you may find other topics that interest you. For starters, may want to do a literary research paper, which is where you develop your own theme or idea about the book, support it with evidence from the novel, and then research what other scholars say about the subject. Explore one of the novel’s ideas (the effect of war on a person, how a person reacts to fear, the relationship between men and women, etc.), showing how this idea evolves throughout the text. Or, you may want to do a comparison/contrast essay, in which you explore the novel by showing how something we’ve read in Legacies sheds light on Hemingway’s ideas. Another possibility is to explore the social or historical context of the novel or the author; for example, you might research World War 1 or Hemingway’s biography and show how one needs to place the novel in such a context to better understand it. Or you may want to compare the book to a similar book that you have read.

Please give yourself time to write and revise a rough draft. Your research paper will use a minimum of five secondary sources, and The Sun Also Rises does not count. Any paper that does not include five secondary sources in the Works Cited page will automatically lose 40 points. At least some of your sources should be serious, academic sources, not just Wikipedia or Sparknotes.

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