Posted: August 6th, 2022

Fast Fashion in the UK: on whom does the responsibility lie.


Newspaper articles
Journal articles
Blog posts
Peer reviewed journals
Other research papers

⁃ Discuss fast fashion brands/companies such as BooHoo, PLT, SHEIN, Primark etc.

⁃ Discuss the current cost of living crisis

⁃ when did fast fashion begin

⁃ touch on environmental impacts

⁃ discuss economical pros and cons

⁃ discuss Margaret Thatcher & moving labours overseas where workers rights are non existent for cheaper costs

⁃ Discuss the development of fast fashion since the 60s (or whenever it began) and what’s happened because of it

⁃ discuss the implications for the average person with a low income (or family) unable to afford morally conscious clothing

⁃ discuss possible government schemes that could be implemented to eradicate fast fashion

⁃ discuss cultural resets, also educational changes from home economics and sewing to science. Not teaching people to reuse what they have. Culturally having new things and keeping up with new trends

End with a concluding discussion on my opinion and ways for improvement. morally is every individual and the government is to blame? However if the government hasn’t made changes in the first place we wouldn’t be here now? So in theory the government is to blame and the individual is just trying to fit in and do what they’re told with what they have. The government need to take steps to move fashion back to the uk and ban the trade of goods without adhering to uk laws. Also implement sewing back into schools and also have a recycling programme for clothes. Also look at the average income per person/household and the cost of clothing in the UK to decide to either reduce the cost of items or increase the minimum wage or implement a scheme for the individual to have a living allowance.

Imagine I’m asked to come up with a cooking recipe, lets say its cake. Someone askes me to make up a new recipe for a cake. Imagine im writing it and applying the steps like writing a dissertation, in order to do this I have to review the existing recipes, review what exists already, this culture this type that perspective and this perspective that tradition and that method and this culture (French English Russian), my purpose is to review them and then create something new. Showing what has been done, explaining what they have done and group according to geography or category. My job is to then be like oh I like this thing but I want to change it or combine it with something else. And that’s where I get my research by saying this and that exist and here’s what I want to do with this info and how I’m going to test it.
Analysis: okay I found this and that – i.e. I did this cake using this method and its diff to the Russian method blab la – through my findings I refer to how its different to whats been done before and how and the outcomes of it. I found this and its diff to this blabla

Do the whole of the UK not just England.
Why do people and companies turn to fast fashion and the modern slavery it’s created instead of being legitimate?

What aspects of globalisation are making it possible?
Look at the how illegal immigrants enter the labour market in the UK? Does this also contribute.
What has been done in order to understand this issue? You cant look at EVERY cake recipe ever. For example you wouldn’t look at bread making bc although it is baking its not relevant to my cake recipe research.

Think from Human Rights and International Relations perspective why this is important to study

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