Posted: August 3rd, 2022

HR Management Communication


Draft a memo to your employees. The reading this week discussed planning and researching as well as writing reports and proposals. We are going to apply this knowledge to budget preparation. Please read chapter 1 and 2 in Budgeting Basics and Beyond. These 2 chapters will give you a great foundation as to what makes a good budget. For this assignment, please assume that you are a manager in the company of your choosing. You need your staff to help you gather the information that you need to create the budget that will be presented to executives for approval. This link will assist you in formatting your memo.
I do not expect you to submit an actual budget to me, this is an exercise in providing good instruction to your employees. The better your instructions, the more accurate their response. Please keep in mind that in providing good instruction, you will also need to provide some background information as to what you will be using this information for and why.
Provide APA formatted citations for any information that you use from any sources.
Reference Page
Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for this paper should you choose to use additional sources.
References should be in APA style (see Policies)
Course Scope
This course analyzes management communications and addresses solutions to management problems through effective business communication. One of the important aspects of this course is the application of the theory to practical communication issues. The course scope addresses development of business communication skills including letter, report, email and resume writing and oral communication.
Course Objectives
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:
CO1: Analyze marketing differences between cultures.
CO2: Evaluate visual data displays.
CO3: Create a resume to effectively communicate the appropriate message to a potential employer.
CO4: Develop a PowerPoint presentation informing stockholders and investors about the quarterly financial earnings/position for an organization.
CO5: Examine the effect that global communication has on business.
CO6: Compose a memo communicating instructions to personnel.

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