Posted: August 3rd, 2022

Analyze the concepts of leadership strategies in a health care organization.

Please respond to the following:

Analyze the concepts of leadership strategies in a health care organization. Argue whether leaders are born or made.
Give three examples of a great leader whom you admire in the health care field, elaborating on the primary reasons why you admire this selected leader.
Discuss two challenges this selected leader faces and how you would successfully tackle these challenges. Provide specific examples to support your rationale from readings throughout your program or from peer-reviewed journal articles.



Avery’s Party


Outside Entertainment and Chairs


Mondo booked –                                                                                 475.00

Water slide, 2 bounce houses



Avery’s slide for toddlers


Arm bands , beach balls , floaties



Creations by Laura                                                                               85.00 paid

Cupcakes     – Walmart                                                                         30.00

Cake topper        will be here Friday




3 tractor table covers                                                        Tractor plates and napkins

2 green covers                                                                     Back drop for gift table

Table center pieces


Cupcake holders -2




Goodie bags                  40

Sour Patch Kids                                                    Play Dough

Air Heads

Ring Pops

Tractor stickers

Bracelets tractor

Thank you stickers



Snow Cones

Cups                                                                 Flavors

Straws                                                            Cherry , Bannana, Blue Rasberry, Rootbeer, Tigers blood, Grape

Snow cone machine

Ice cooler


Cotton Candy




Machine ordered


Need to set up


Tent                                            Friday

Chairs and tables                 Two tables   – 8 Chairs        Dannielle table -4 chairs

Fold up Chairs     in side room  5






I enjoyed reading your post and would like to add that by offering or providing a specialty service that another health care facility does not would give one an advantage over the other in their community that they serve. The trick would be to stay ahead of the so-called game. Do you think that one health care facility could always stay one step of another in the services they provide?









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