Posted: August 2nd, 2022

Recruitment and Staffing

Research a peer-reviewed article using the Trefy library regarding recruitment challenges unique to today’s organizations.
Explain each challenge and what organizations are doing to resolve these challenges.
In addition, include your experience (use the 1st person) regarding the recruitment challenges of an organization with which you are familiar. Explain the difference(s) regarding the information that you read and your personal experience. In this section, communicate the strategies that were utilized to reduce or eliminate these challenges and whether these recruitment strategies have proved to be effective.

Assignment instructions:
A minimum of three references, with at least one citation for each reference in APA style format required. Your paper must be between two to three FULL pages of content (a minimum of 350 words per page) using APA formatting, to include a separate cover page, a separate reference page, running head, numbered pages, margins, etc.

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