Internship Project Selection:  do for the hospital HCA healthcare in houston texas

It is required that the student complete a project assignment related to administrative or
educational decision-making during their internship. Listed below are possible areas to consider
for your project. Students may also consider some projects that are unique to the facility,
mandated by changes in professional practice, or one that would enhance their knowledge of the
work processes.
1. Long- and short-range strategic planning initiatives
2. Budgetary Process
3. Capital Equipment Acquisitions
4. Accreditation processes (if applicable): The Joint Commission, SACS, JRCERT
5. Employee development and empowerment programs
6. Quality Assurance programs
7. Management Information Systems
8. Conflict resolution: Patients and employees
9. Continuous Quality Improvement programs
10. Develop a proposal for capital expenditures and/or department programs
11. Research and/or gather statistics to justify capital expenditures
12. Perform a cost benefit analysis for a change in procedures or new services
13. Curriculum revision
14. Instructional innovation and technology

Internship Project Report Requirement:
The report should be at least 5 to 7 pages in length and should include the following:
1. Identify the problem
2. Provide Background and investigation of the problem
3. Perform literature review on the problem
4. Provide a solution and justifying the selection
5. Identify financial constraints or cost of the solution
6. Suggest recommendations or opportunities for further study
Report Format
1. Must be formatted in APA Style including:
a. Title page
b. Abstract
c. Introduction
d. Body
e. Conclusion
f. Reference page
2. The report must be in Microsoft Word, double-spaced typed using one (1) inch margins
on all sides.  Acceptable font style is New Times Roman with a 12-font size.
3. The narrative must be original composition of the student and should reflect that research
of the subject matter has taken place.
4. Proper credit must be given when using all copied materials including charts,
photographs, drawings, etc.  Plagiarism of any type will result in a grade of zero
5. The report must be at least five (5) pages and not exceed seven (7) pages, excluding title
and reference pages.
6. The quality of the report must demonstrate proper use of analytic skills, grammar and
sentence structure
7. Minimum of 3 references from peer review journal or government document within the
last 5 years.