Posted: August 1st, 2022

How can we characterise the fairness of an algorithm, and how can ‘unfair’ or ‘biased’ algorithms cause harm through the decisions they make? Discuss with reference to one or more case studies.


This is the structure I want the writer to follow:
IntroductionGeneral captivating/narrative lines (1-2): Lays the scene. General subject area.
The purpose/aim of this essay is to determine/examine/analyse/elucidate… (repeating or paraphrasing the question)
I will begin by… (defining key terms and elaborating upon my interpretation of this question)
Subsequently I will…. (provide the key arguments for the view that automation creates jobs). Following this, I will reject this argument for three reasons.
Finally, I will conclude that… there, are important limitations to be placed on free speech and therefore free speech should not be absolute.Setting up Paragraph: Definitions/InterpretationIt is necessary to begin by defining the key terms in this analysis
Provide a definition from an academic journal article – use Google Scholar or reading listPART 1: Give the best arguments for the opposing side:Paragraph 1(First, I aim to provide the strongest arguments that are commonly presented for …..)
Argument 1: First,
2-3 sentences on this
Little case study or an exampleParagraph 2:Argument 2: Second
2-3 sentences on this
Little case study
One line announcing that you will reject this argument: However, this essay argues, that in spite of these powerful reasons in favour of …, it is important thatPART 2: Rejecting the above argument forParagraph 1a: First reason
State the point
Explain the pointParagraph 1b:
Evidence the point
Conclude or restate the pointParagraph 2a: Second reason
SAME AS 1A/1BPART 3: Dealing with any potential objections or issues in the above/Further analysisState the potential objection
Explain the potential objection
Explain your rejection of this/answer for the objection
Give evidence for your response (case study, example)
Concluding line to summarise what you achieved in this paragraphCONCLUSIONThis essay began by offering two strong arguments for absolute free speech. These were:
However, these arguments were rejected for three compelling reasons. First….
Overall, this essay conclude that…


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