Instructions: 12pt Times New Roman Double Spaced
Choose one of the following prompts and write a comparative essay. Your essay should be at least 750 words and follow the formatting guidelines for all our essays and papers in this course. Any quotes or paraphrased content from the readings (or outside research, if you choose to use it), must be properly cited in text and in a reference list at the end of your document.

Compare and contrast Douglass’s narrative to King’s narrative. Are there points of comparison between their author motivations, or the ways they pursue their goals, or their feelings about pursuing them? How are they different? You might consider tone, structure, theme, or thesis statement as potential places where they differ.
Both White’s and Didion’s narratives focus on memories. Compare and contrast their approach. Consider, as you compare them, how they use the elements of writing (tone, structure, theme, point of view) and rhetorical mode to make their point.
Compare and contrast how authors Mukherjee and Tan describe the immigrant-in-America experience. Consider how the tone, descriptions, and unique perspectives contribute to a reader’s understanding of the broader picture of an immigrant experience.