W2 Assignment: Definition of a Problem Report


This week you will create a definition of a problem report. The report is based on the problem you identified in the Week 1 assignment.  Do not pick a new problem to discuss. Review the steps on How to Write a Problem Statement for Business before you begin. The headings and sections of the definition of a problem report are identified in your weekly lecture video. There are other report formats in the textbook.


The purpose of this report is:


  • to determine if a problem truly exits;
  • to clarify the complexity and various components of the problem; and
  • to allow all involved parties a chance to seek appropriate solutions.


Here are some things to keep in mind about a definition of a problem report:


  • It is not a persuasive report, so please do not try to convince your reader of anything
  • Changing the speed limit on a particular road
  • Upgrading company technology
  • Creating a student lounge
  • Creating a community garden


You should create a 2-3 page report defining your problem.  It must include the following:


  • A title page
  • Headings that indicate major sections (INTRODUCTION, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION) and subsections (such as Statement of Purpose, Background, and anything relevant to your particular topic; for example, Childcare issues and productivity)
  • Formal language – Technical reports are written in objective voice, no I or You statements. Refer to the textbook for examples.
  • Research – a minimum of one source should support the report.  Use APA citation for the source if you are familiar that format, or, at minimum, provide the title, author, date of publication, and the URL for the source.