Posted: July 28th, 2022

Creating poem and object


Concept: about your audience, your response to the architect’s position [100 words
• focus on how you manipulated the position of the architect to create your text

Process: creating using the YouTube video and its Transcript of Shigeru Ban. To create prom using the cut up method. Cut the sentences from transcript or words then place the scrapes one after the other to kinda create the poem.

Review: Your review of a significant contemporary architect that is projected to reach a
specific audience [500 words max]
Note that the Review should be formatted in the style of a ‘blog’ or architecture
magazine that reflects the ‘genre’ or ‘audience’ for your review.
The Review should be illustrated with an image or images of your object/poem as
all elements should work together
– this component should be based on your task notes, reflections, and a
curated selection of scanned diagrams and other work completed in your
journal from the modules covered by this submission
include the review of your chosen architect in the context of the expected
audience e.g. if pitched at a conservative audience replicate a page from
Architectural Review; if more technological replicate Wired; environmental
replicate Inhabitat etc

Object: the object should match the architect work itself.

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