Posted: July 27th, 2022

The Formation of United Nations

DescriptionHi dear

I’m International Relations Master student. I need to get a dissertation and the title is “The Formation of United Nations”. The dissertation demands less than 10000 words, so I chose 9900 words for writing and the passing score is 50%, but I need to get at least 60-65%, because the effects of grade of dissertation is quite essential. I will send you the structures for writing dissertation, and also I will send two examples of dissertation as a file. So, please look at these files carefully.

I will also send the picture of marking system. Please help me for getting good dissertation and write me the best master dissertation. This is the last module in my university and it is quite essential to get a perfect dissertation. Please do everything correctly; plagiarism, materials, bibliography and others. The plagiarism must be less than 5%.

And please do not use anything about bachelor degree and find everything for a master level. And also, English level, words structure and others must be academical. Please write everything accurately and academically. It is allowed us to use some parts of the dissertation outline which we wrote before the dissertation. However, the grade was quite low and weak in my dissertation outline. For that reason, I do not want to use them in the dissertation. Anyway, I will send both the dissertation outline report and the feedback of professor, because he explained what he expects in the dissertation paper and he also explained what was the problem in the dissertation outline. So, I will send them and just look the file and feedback to understand how the dissertation must be written. After that, look at the dissertation examples to be sure that how the dissertation is written for us. If the writer has any question, he will write me any time.

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