Posted: July 27th, 2022


Label the sections just as I have below.



This section should include a brief description of the disease you chose (one or two paragraphs),
with a short statement on why you chose it (one sentence).
History of the Disease Process
This section should summarize the historical aspects of the disease (when it was discovered, any
relevant historical outbreaks/pandemics, etc.)..I recommend the CDC
(Centers for Disease Control: ) website as a good place to start. This should take about
one page total.

Current Treatment
This section should describe the current forms of treatment or cure (if any) for your chosen
disease process. They may be pharmacological, surgical, or other. No need to go into too much
detail on each, but do cover all of the bases by including them all. (Example: If antibiotics are an
appropriate form of therapy, you do NOT need to list them all by name. Simply state that the
disease responds to antibiotic therapy.) The length of this section will vary according to how
many forms of treatment are available, but should take no more than a page at the most…less if
fine as well.
Socioeconomic Impact of the Disease
The amount of information available for this section depends upon your choice of disease.
Those with a more recent outbreak/discovery will probably have more information available.
For example, there is info out there on Ebola, HIV, and processes that have been in the news
more recently. You might struggle to find information on Leprosy, though, as it has not been
prevalent in quite a while. Statistics such as mortality rates (how many people die), morbidity
rates (how many people get sick), cost to care for patients, and the impact of the disease (if any)
on the gross domestic product of a region or country. (A simple Google search will help you
with any of these definitions.) Anywhere for ½ to 1 page (all double-spaced 12-point font,
remember) should do the trick.
Political Impact of the Disease
In this portion of your paper, you will describe the impact (if any) that an outbreak of your
chosen process has had, would have, or is having on the political climate of a given area. You do
NOT have to describe the impact for more than one country or region, but feel free to do so if
you choose. Below is a link to an article from the International Conference on Emerging
Infectious Diseases that could point you in the right direction:

This section should be about ½ to one page.
This section should include a brief summary (one to two paragraphs) of what you reported in the



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