1. You will have a cover page with your full name, student Number, Lecturer name and Lecturer name and full name of the unit and programme you are studying for
2. You are to write a Report ensuring you have a Title, Table of Contents, introduction, body, conclusion, recommendations, list of references
3. Critically evaluate different vehicles such as 360 degree feedback, 540 degree feedback, Management by objectives (MBO), Individual Pay Related performance (IPRP) etc available to your organisation and explain how effective and appropriate they are in identifying and satisfying the development needs of the individual employees to meet both individual and the organisational success.
4. As for the Professional development plan (PDP), please ensure SMART objectives, refer to the PDP TEMPLATE which is in the files I send .

5. Conclusion
6. Recommendations
7. List of References at least 14 references and also citations
I am also attaching the presentation that you already did because it was the Assessment (1 )presentation50% of the mark and this is the second part Assessment (2 ) Report and is also 50% of the mark