Posted: July 25th, 2022



Antiracist Baby

•Antiracist Baby was composed by Ibram X. Kendi
•Ashley Lukashevsky did the illustrations.
•The book is politically thematic;
•It states that racist ideas are nurtured- (Jaffee)
•They are not conceived.
•Proposes nine ways to promote equality.
Book Theme/character/time or plot
It utilized colored characters;To illustrate the primary
theme: Anti-racism (Azzam).
The book acts a guide to caregivers;Since they have
superior knowledge to children;To create nine steps to
promote equality (Jaffee)
Dnot disclosing the settings;
Book Themes

Reasons for Banning the Book
Addressed racism through children’s books
Outlined how racism is socially nurtured
Believed the context is not child-friendly
Believed the context affected child’s mental growth/development;
Leading to negative mindset concerning race (Azzam).
Challenged the sociopolitical status:
Exposed children to positive Thinking
The contents are healthy for development/growth
Children accept their identities
Antiracist teaching positively affects children’s
Antiracism acts are believed to strengthen children’s

It promotes antiracist sensitivity;
Prepares children for real-world society;
Children understand how to coexist in diverse
It was wrong to ban it because;
Azzam, Julie Hakim. Antiracist Baby and “didactic intent”
25 March 2022. 24 July 2022.
Jaffee, Cyrisse. Children’s Book Review: “Antiracist Baby”
— Bold, But Flawed. 2 July 2020. 24 July 2022.
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