Posted: July 25th, 2022

provide a professional report which considers and evaluates a number of issues that are outlined below.


You work in a junior role for a firm of Built Environment professionals, specialising in sustainable
community buildings.
Sonning Village Community Centre Management Committee (SVC) have received a very
substantial Government grant.
The terms of the grant stipulate that the money should be invested in a new community centre to
replace the existing one (Appendix A).
The SVC’s brief includes the following requirements:
• a light, suitably-sized clear space that can be used for large meetings, dance, choral
• a kitchen and serving/café area which will encourage the public to use the building;
• separate male and female WCs, an accessible toilet, and baby changing facilities;
• a two-person office;
• two storage rooms;
• one small meeting room;
• all spaces need to be on the same single-storey with no steps throughout the building and
with ‘Inclusive design’ as a key priority;
• to be as sustainable and inclusive as possible, the design should:
o maximise natural light;
o be responsive to people’s needs where appropriate;
o enable maximum flexibility of the internal lay-out so that future changes and changed
requirements can easily be accommodated.
SVC have engaged consultants and their initial proposals have not been met with much enthusiasm
from the Committee. They have suggested a traditional load-bearing masonry building and have
proposed the attached floor plan (Appendix B).
The Committee want to consider alternatives. You have been engaged to provide a professional
report which considers and evaluates a number of issues that are outlined below.
a. Using the British Geological Survey (BGS) Geology of Britain viewer tool, the soil type for the
site has been identified as Winter Hill Gravel (a gravel and sand mix). Borehole surveys at
nearby sites reveal a mix of gravel, sand and clay to a depth of four metres.
Use this information to explain what the foundation options are, what your professional
recommendation is for the foundations for the proposed frame and why. This part of your
report must include a proportionally accurate sketch section through the foundation selected,
together with a small section through the ground floor construction. Assume that SVC decide on a steel portal framed building:
b. A proposal for the:
• accessibility and signage; and
• day lighting and lighting strategy for the centre.
You must indicate how these proposals would fit into an overall inclusive design strategy for the building. What are the principal concerns and issues that need to be addressed in such a strategy and how do your accessibility and lighting proposals effectively address these?

c. An option appraisal which details the proposed external walls: What are the requirements, options, and recommendations for the centre and why? Select a specific product from a UK manufacturer, which fits your recommendation, and include an image of it. This part of your report must include an appropriately proportioned drawing: a cross section through your proposed external wall from, and including, a small section of the roof, down through a window or an external door.

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