Posted: July 25th, 2022

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Please write a research paper about the Theranos scandal regarding the Organizational Behavior and Leadership. I’ve already finished my presentation for the research paper, please make sure you mentioned the four OB aspects in the presentation and write more. I attached the sample research paper, and my presentation. The instruction of the paper is as follow:
You are required to use APA style for your paper. Papers that are not in APA-style will automatically receive a 10% grade deduction. Feel free to use the sample APA paper posted in Blackboard and/or check in with the Academic Center if you are unsure of APA style. Your paper must be in 12-point font, double spaced, with one-inch margins. You are required to us a MINIMUM OF FIVE references. Note that you must have in-text citations and corresponding entries in an APA-style reference section—NOT a bibliography or works cited list. Bibliographies and Works Cited lists are not APA style. NB-Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable academic reference. You will lose points for Wikipedia references.

In your paper, you will examine the scandals faced by organizations/industries randomly assigned by the professor. For each organization/industry, you must summarize and give an overview of the ethical challenges presented by that organization’s/industry’s scandal. You must also describe any long-term effects and what, if any, corrective steps were taken.

Your paper must be a minimum of five pages and a maximum of ten pages. Bear in mind that you must reference relevance of any one or more specific concepts covered in the course. E.g.,

Did OB concepts such as economic pressure,globalization, or changing demographics contribute to or influence yourassigned organization’s/industry’s scandal?Why/how specifically?
Diversity in organizations – Did demographiccharacteristics (age, race, national origin, immigration status, religion,disability status, economic status, etc.)of workers/customers influence or contribute to your assignedorganization’s/industry’s scandal?Why/how specifically?
Personality and Values – How does the Dark Triadeffect ethical behavior in your assigned organization/industry? E.g., individuals can be Machiavellian—canorganizations or industries? Give specific examples.
Motivation – Are individuals (clients, workers,customers, patients) on the lower end of Maslow’s hierarchy more or less likelyto be behave unethically or to be treated unethically? Why/why not?
Group Behavior – To what extent did groupbehavior influence your assigned organization’s/industry’s behavior?
Leadership – What was the role of your assignedorganization’s/industry’s leadership in creating the scandal, and in solvingthe scandal?
Organizational Culture – How did organizationalculture influence your organization’s/industry’s scandal and how did itinfluence the resolution, or lack of resolution?

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