Posted: July 25th, 2022



– Rewrite, remove, add and edit paper according to the need.
– Read all comments firs, and then follow the comments given to you by supervisor
– Always provide professional PhD academic level work, also use recent 2019 onwards academic journal articles. Try to find UAE (oil and gas) based if possible.
– VERY CRUCIAL that you read and apply all university guidelines and regulations if they are missing in the paper. Document “Thesis-and-Dissertation-Writing-Guideline-updated-200521 .pdf” is a manual for font styling, structure, formulating references and everything else. Make sure to follow those instructions. My supervisor very keen about following those rules and page formatting.
– Make sure that you understand the main objective of this research and you deliver the right outcome/message.
– Never waste time waiting for my answers, regardless of any circumstances, continue the work and deliver on time.
– I will be posting previous professor comments along with edited file (draft#3). Just go over the amendments and see the repetitive mistakes which professor highlighted more than once. Go over all previous comments and new comments. Make sure are those are being resolved. Work on new comments file “Phd_Saeed_Draft#4.3 chp 123_With comments Chapter 1 2 3 17 july .docx”
– Add or remove articles from LRM literature review matrix table that contains LR articles and 3 highlighted similar articles, that is identical to my topic and where we found the research gap. Because they might solved their problem, we need to find problem between theirs and us. and solve that problem. This is the meaning for research gap, so make sure to it checked as well.
– At last, you will check proposal defense PPT and keynotes, VIVA Q/A, and questionnaire. If there are still matching and the changes you have done might affected the other documents, emend them if necessary.
– I would need 5 documents end of the assignment (Project paper, LRM table, PPT, VIVA Q/A, Questionnaire), most important part is the paper. so give all the focus and try to submit on time.

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