Posted: July 25th, 2022

Health Video

Watch video (I will provide transcript of video because the video has restricted access)

-The writer shares their reactions to the assigned documentary segment for that weeks

-One question related to diversity issues in health psychology is posed by the writer

-At least one peer reviewed article (i.e., not WebMD, Buzzfeed, or other informal sources) is used to support claims made by the writer

-Response paper uses correct APA format, including having a title page, text paragraphs that adhere to APA format in terms of in-text citations and one space after a period, an APA cited references section, and will range from three to four pages because it includes title page, 1-2 pages of text, and reference page.

-The writer is responsive to feedback on written content and APA format/style in subsequent submissions (note: if this is the first short paper, you will get these points automatically but this domain will be assessed for every other short paper submitted throughout the course).

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