Posted: July 25th, 2022



Project Instructions:

You’ve come a long way. After a series of research, readings, and analyses, you are now about to culminate your externship program. But before that, you will need to create a concise presentation of about seven to ten (7-10) slides where you are required to highlight insights and trends from their research into the fundraising landscape and their recommendations on the best funder personas to pursue. Students will also propose an overall revenue generation strategy.

Deliverable: Creating a concise presentation of about 7-10 slides
Here’s what your journey will look like in this project:

Step 1: First, you’ll complete the remaining steps in the Project Instructions. Completing these steps involves completing the training modules.
Step 2: Then, you will structure and design your presentation.

Gather your insights and organize them along with the outline provided

What are the trends in philanthropy in the education sector?
Who are the most active funders in this space and which organizations are the beneficiaries?
What are some high-potential target personas and leads for fundraising for Develop for Good?
What will increase the likelihood of securing funding?
What other best practices and details should the team keep in mind when reaching out to funders?
What are some ideas to generate additional revenue?

I’ll attach the presentation template in the file

Step 3: Afterwards, get feedback on your presentation content and delivery.

Run your presentation with other peers in your cohort, or your Program Manager to ensure you are conveying what you need to. An additional pair of eyes going over your slides can be very helpful to know how clearly you are communicating. Participate in auditions that will be scheduled for your cohort; these are great to get feedback on your presentation flow and content.

Step 4: Record yourself presenting

Use  (or similar free software) to record your slide presentation. Make sure to turn on the “Screen and Camera” option so that reviewers can see that it’s you.

Step 5: Finally, submit the final versions of your slide deck and video recording to complete your externship

Head to ‘My Tasks’ to upload your work. Ensure all links that you submit are set to “anyone with the link”. Do NOT set the sharing setting to “public” (that will violate confidentiality terms). However, Paragon One and your Host Company staff need to be able to access your presentation and recording to mark you as having completed the program.

Additional Reading and Resources

Canva: Powerpoint and Google Slides aren’t the only presentation tools. Canva has great looking templates and well-designed themes that you can use. Just ensure they are converted into an appropriate format

BCG Presentation Review: Slideheroes deconstructs and reviews a BCG presentation while providing useful tips on do’s and don’ts

Slideology: A comprehensive book on creating impactful slides, regardless of subject

Slideteam: They have templates for every imaginable use case. They vary greatly in quality, so use your discretion

Loom : Very simple application to not only record your final presentation for submission but also fantastic for rehearsing and reviewing your presentations

Power User: A great plugin (freemium) that helps convert spreadsheet data into great charts

Flat Icon: Free icon library to use for presentations and to make bullets more visual


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