Posted: July 23rd, 2022

motivation/ ABA reflection_w11

1/2 page essay: Post two examples of CMOs as related to human behavior and explain why they are considered CMOs. These examples can be from your own experience with yourself or others.

reading:A motivating operation (MO) has two main functions: a) it alters the effectiveness of some stimulus as a reinforcer, and b) it alters the current frequency of all behavior that has been reinforced by that stimulus. Motivating operations can be classified into two types: unconditioned motivating operations (UMOs) and conditioned motivating operations (CMOs).

2nd half page essay:
Write a Reflection that includes the following:

Explain how the course aligns with the expectations and learning objectives you established for the course.
Describe any areas or components of the course in which you believe you need further support in order to master.
Describe any unexpected learning or insights you gained from the course and provide specific examples.
Explain how the knowledge you gained in this course might help you in promoting positive social change within your life and career.

reading: Throughout this course, you have examined applied behavior analysis (ABA) and developed a fundamental understanding of its tenets and applications. You explored philosophical underpinnings of ABA through an examination of its foundational psychological and behavioral theories, philosophical assumptions, and dimensions and their application to behavioral change. Additionally, you examined foundational concepts and principles of ABA, including conditioning, contingencies, stimulus control, and motivating operations from which to inform the methods you use to effect behavioral changes and positively impact learning.

Given the breadth of the concepts and information you have covered, it makes sense to take a moment at the end of the course to consider what knowledge you have gained.

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