Posted: July 23rd, 2022

Challenges & Opportunities for advancing Arab Women on cybersecurity in the Middle East

Write a research paper (no more than 1800 Words). The paper must have a point (thesis) and not purely historical.


Subject: “Challenges & Opportunities for advancing Arab Women on cybersecurity in the Middle East”


The paper must have an obvious macro security link as well and the structure/content shall be the following:


Introduction and thesis statement

  • Add a small paragraph on WPS: such as “Recognition of the key role played by women in peace and security affairs is increasingly recognized. The United Nations has been mandated to address gender through specific Security Council resolutions and women, peace and security since 2000, through Resolution 1325 and follow on material. The intent has been to ensure that women participate equally in preventing conflict and building peace in countries threatened and affected by war, violence and security. Though the US came late to implementation, not having its first National Action Plan until 2010, it became the first country to codify the importance of women to peace and security matters with the passage of the Women, Peace & Security Act in 2017.” (please no copy paste, this is for your reference to write something similar and to give context)


Current state:

  • Mention some of the middle east current WPS score (excel attached) +
  • cybersecurity landscape in the middle east
  • cybersecurity market
  • Arab women representation in cybersecurity and current initiatives
  • (and use references from readings and links bellow)


  • Arab Women underrepresented in matters regarding cybersecurity.
  • The Security implications of not involving women on cybersecurity
  • Fukuyama doctrine? Women = care / Men = Power
  • Lack of women in STEM?
  • Potential reasons?
  • (and use references from readings and links bellow)

Opportunities and Action Framework:

  • Arab Women are agents of change and their role in maintaining lasting peace and security in the middle east
  • Talent attraction: define a female talent strategy within the cyber-security space is inherently challenging, this task is particularly difficult in emerging markets including the Middle East. To increase interest in cyber security both organically and inorganically, female students should be incentivized to join the industry.
  • Define a clear cyber-security curriculum in universities in alignment with government objectives and the private sector that are key players in the market.
  • Women political leaders+ establish a national compliance body that ensures the implementation of such standards and policies
  • Developing capabilities: define a female cyber talent strategy: Female Experts should be attracted through collaboration programs with international organizations and with attractive financial packages.
  • Host world-class forums to raise awareness and interest at a national and regional level. Some of the Middle East countries that already have a national talent strategy should incorporate cyber security within their existing talent development agendas.
  • Rewarding excellence in cybersecurity through national awards program
  • Women part of the Cyber Incident Response plan: drive the establishment of reactive national cyber-security capabilities, this includes the establishment and empowerment of a national emergency team female led quota.
  • Enable intelligence sharing
  • Women part of strategic decisions to national incidents response program
  • (and use references from readings and links bellow)



  • Conclude and add and end note on Women in digital diplomacy (building and nurturing women digital leadership)






  • Michelle Bachelet, “Women as Agents of Peace & Stability: Measuring the Results.” (WFPS)


  • William McRaven, Women in Special Operations Forces: Advancing Peace through Broader Cultural Knowledge (WFPS)


  • Andrea Goldstein, Women are the Most Visible Servicemembers, and the Most Invisible Veterans, CNAS, March 8, 2018.
  • Rick Barton and Cindy Huang, “Creative Solutions for Crisis Response and Stabilization: The Power of a Gendered Approach.” (WFPS)
  • Valerie Amos, “Women in Relief and Recovery: Putting Good Policies into Action,” (WFPS)


  • JJF, Chapter 9
  • Jamille Bigio & Rachel Vogelstein, “Women Under Attack: The Backlash Against Women Politicians,” Foreign Affairs, January/February 2020
  • Swanee Hunt, “Let Women Rule,” Foreign Affairs, May/June 2007, Vol 86, Issue 3. (Link will be provided on course website)
  • The Glass Cliff, research at University of Exeter in UK.


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