Posted: July 22nd, 2022

white collar criminal/organization

Each student will identify and select a specific white collar criminal/organization and submit a written report on their selected individual using Turnitin.  This short scholarly paper will be assessed and graded through the rubric generally on both the quality of the content (the student communicates in a clear and concise way what is important in the assignment) and on the quality of the composition (grammar, word usage, organization, etc.). Be sure to include background on who the subject was, what they did, how they were caught and how this has impacted white collar crime.

Identification and background of the person/organization.

Details of the specific white collar crime committed by the person/organization, including how the scam was perpetrated.

Impact of the crime.

Outcome of the investigation/trial.

Analysis of the outcome of the investigation/trial. ( was this a correct verdict, support your conclusion with facts/sources).

Describe the measures that are now in place to prevent this crime from re-occurring. What steps should be in place?


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